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  • The greatest con ever played

    Trump’s campaign was unprecedented for its irreverence toward the “political machine”—crony crossbreeding between politicians and wealthy Wall Street bankers. He stoked the fire of a long-repressed rage in the hearts of Americans in “fly-over” states, sneered at by liberal elites and disillusioned by the Republican party. Trump pledged to be their mouth-piece in Washington, offering change.
  • In Defense of your Trump-voting uncle

    According to polls conducted by YouGov, 90 percent of Republicans believe that the United States is headed down the wrong track politically, with another poll conducted by Pew research estimating about two-thirds of Republicans believing life to have been better 50 years ago. This represents a deep division from the heralded golden era of Ronald Reagan’s Republicanism classified by both entrepreneurial optimism and concerted effort in the face of Soviet danger.

Schindler's List

The Hunt that Never Ended

The idea of having gone too far to go back is not exclusively to Nazism. Today in America, there is a culture of acceptance in regard to racism and intolerance and perspectives fostering a perception of difference, by race, sex, religion and gender. It goes to show that no matter how “westernized” or “progressive” a society is; it may be impregnated by the seeds of division, and subsequently, mob mentality.
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The War on Crime (and criminals) Revisited

The status quo of the United States is vastly different than the ideas presented by James Truslow Adams who coined the term “American dream” in his 1931 book The American Epic. Most noticeably is the increasing occurrence in which Americans deprive their fellow American of their opportunity to achieve the American dream.
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The Responsibilities of Free Speech

On Aug. 12, journalist and white nationalist David Kessler organized the “Unite the Right” rally to protest the tearing down of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. The Charlottesville rally was prefaced by tiki torch-wielding neo-Nazis marching throughout the University of Virginia campus, shouting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us”. The death of Heather Heyer and the injuries of 19 more have been written in headlines of each newspaper and broadcasted on every major news network.
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Point Counterpoint: Change the Electoral College?

The Founding Fathers were correct to fear “tyranny of the majority” when they created the Electoral College. They worried that states with large urban populations, like New York and Massachusetts, would drown out the needs of voters in less populated states. However, when one considers the party divisions in each state, the lines between majority and minority become blurred.
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Modern Politics of Language

The word “populist” has existed in American politics since as early as 1787, when under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson, the Antifederalists waged a political war against the Constitution. Their skepticism of the Federalist elites led to the creation of the Bill of Rights, as well as a robust tradition of American opposition to a centralized government detached from its citizenry.