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  • Mythbusting Academic Neutrality

    Trump’s campaign was unprecedented for its irreverence toward the “political machine”—crony crossbreeding between politicians and wealthy Wall Street bankers. He stoked the fire of a long-repressed rage in the hearts of Americans in “fly-over” states, sneered at by liberal elites and disillusioned by the Republican party. Trump pledged to be their mouth-piece in Washington, offering change.
  • The Free Speech Debate on College Campuses

    Language and actions such as these are certainly rude and perhaps inflammatory, but the question remains: is banning Yiannopoulos from speaking at college campuses, thereby superseding the Berkeley student Republican group’s wishes, a violation of the right to free speech?

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The Diversity Debate: Political vs. Identity

Universal among activists of all political stripes is the plea for greater diversity. For progressive students, diversity means including the voices of historically marginalized groups like women, people of color and transgender people. For conservative students, diversity means conservative beliefs are represented in proportional numbers.
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tO TRolL oR noT to tROlL: when 4Chan goes to college

Catch an illegal day. Global warming beach party. Affirmative action bake sales. These are among the most popular methods conservatives use to promote their politics and test the limits of their free speech.
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Confronting Campus Rape Culture

At the crux of the party environment is the concern over social status. In their ethnographic study entitled “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape,” Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton and Brian Sweeney used interviews from a party at a midwestern university to analyze college partying culture. The essay makes connections between the individual, social and organizational factors that go into creating environments where sexual assault is likely to occur.
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From Medieval Classics to Climate Activism

English professor Michael Twomey's teaching career concluded at the end of the spring 2017 semester when he left to pursue a new life as a climate lobbyist with the Citizens Climate Lobby. Ashley Stalnecker, layout and design editor, spoke with Twomey about his training as a climate lobbyist and activism in the age of Trump.
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Meet Becca Evans, IC's new sustainability coordinator

To welcome her to the college and introduce her to its students, staff writer Sarah Stuart-Sikowitz sat down with Becca and talked about the future of the college’s sustainability program. "I’d like to step away from what went wrong in the past and focus on what we can do for the future. I know it kind of seems like the office died, but we still have a pulse and an interest."
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Corporatizing College: the story of ideological divide at IC

Featuring award winning research from the 2017 Whalen Symposium.The culmination of a five month long research project, "Corporatizing College" seeks to find the roots of Ithaca College's political rancor. The split is between an administration responding to a plummeting enrollment numbers and the faculty members shortchanged by their budget cuts.