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  • Sophomore leads first on campus initiative for Jockey Being Families

    For sophomore Adrienne Smith, being adopted never defined her relationship with her parents. However, the social stigma surrounding adoption demeans it to “second best” behind biological parenting, she said.
  • Ride Along: A day with the Ithaca Fire Department

    False alarms accounted for 1,295 of incidents responded to by the Ithaca Fire Department. With Ithaca College's false alarms increasing from 76 to 81 from 2016 to 2017 according to the fire department's annual report, I had to get a look at how these community members spent their days.

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Ithacans celebrate "Halloween in Hell" with Edward Rulloff

New Mexico has Billy the Kid and Tennessee has Davey Crockett. But would you believe upstate New York has its very own fondly remembered folk-villain as well? He was the philologist-murderer Edward H. Rulloff.
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An Inconvenient College: Climate Change and the Moral University

Ithaca College, once a trailblazer in environmentalism enterprise, has let sustainable practices fallen by the wayside after funding became tighter. Newly appointed President Shirley Collado says she's open to reinstating Ithaca's high ranking.
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Twelve Tribes storefront changes to "Yellow Deli"

It was a shock to many when the Maté Factor, an eccentric tea and juice bar on the Commons, closed in February of 2016. This left many Ithacans longing for a restaurant to find Yerba Maté tea and to attend weekly rap sessions. However, relief came to many due to the complex world beyond the cash register: the store was owned and operated by the highly controversial Twelves Tribes religious group, more regularly known as the Twelve Tribes cult.
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Keeping Up with Anthony Cubbage

On the Ithaca College campus, Cubbage was known for being a member of Ithacapella, the college’s all-male a cappella show choir which featured his original music in concert, but it was during his off-campus events that he began to develop his musical identity. After playing live-shows and open-mic nights around Tompkins County, Cubbage built his brand name — simply “Cubbage” — and advertised himself as a soulful combination of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.
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Coffee from the "land of the Mayans" sold in Ithaca, NY

Upon entering the home of Abner Argueta, visitors are greeted by a deep, red room with pictures, paintings and brightly colored Guatemalan textiles scattered upon the walls. Just like the aesthetic, the smell is deep, robust and speaks to his Latin American heritage.“I grew up with coffee,” Argueta said, referring to the artwork of his family’s history. “We all did.”