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  • Jordan Peterson vs. the "radical Neo-Marxists" in the Academy

    Not since William F. Buckley wrote God and Man at Yale has anyone revived such a conviction for civil libertarianism at college, challenging the culture's progressive status quo. But for many Jordan Peterson is just another right-wing demagogue.
  • Activist Professors in the Age of Trump

    Henry Girioux, cultural critic and English scholar, laid out the progressive academic's duty of civil disobedience in a speech at the MacPherson center.


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Up From McCarthyism

Ithaca Life


Patriots should embrace civil disobedience

There is a demeaning narrative told in this country when people of color organize protests. One of the most common critiques of the Black Lives Matter movement is that its adherents hurt their own cause by being violent. The BLM  founders explicitly distinguish this violence from their main cause—to call attention to the brutality and injustices that black Americans experience in the United States.

Echo Chambers at the Liberal College

Do you remember your first classes where you had a vague sense all the cool kids sat at the Bernie Sanders table? You highlighted aspects of your beliefs that signaled you weren’t a racist, sexist homophobe. If you’re a young man you might have let everybody know you were aware of your male privilege and alert other men to their own.

The confederate flag is more unpatriotic than NFL protest

Many so-called patriots in this country believe the Confederate Flag is a symbol for the rights of the states, as if the Civil War had absolutely nothing to do with race. What these Confederate Flag-wielding patriots don’t understand that flying this symbol is one of the least patriotic things they could do.